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January 7, 2017

Can people spy through my webcam? The answer will shock you

CODE red, code red. Hackers are gaining access to your webcam and spying on your without your knowing.

Thanks to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – not forgetting the odd Snapchat-sent naked selfie – we’re all sharing far more than we should. But how would you feel if you were being spied on through your smartphone’s camera without even knowing?

Some people would have you believe that hackers not only have the skills to gain access to the cameras found within your smartphone, laptop and tablet, but a terrifying desire to do so too.

Exactly how true is this though? Is it just the ramblings of tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists, or can people really spy on you through your webcam and smartphone camera?

Worryingly, it’s time to take the scaremongers seriously. Not only can people spy on you through your webcam, it’s happening far more regularly than you’d realise. read more at

January 7, 2017 News

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