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April 11, 2019

Feds Warn Of New Sextortion Email Scam


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Warnings are being issued about a sextortion scam that is people over email and blackmailing them for thousands of dollars. CBS2’s Jessica Layton recently spoke to one of those victims. It comes in the form of creepy email claiming your webcam has been compromised, you’ve been caught checking out pornography and it’s time to pay up. “Six-hundred fifty dollars U.S. is a fair price for our little secret,” the victim said, further explaining the extortion attempt. Otherwise, the hackers will send the video to all your email and social media contacts. The man CBS2’s Layton spoke to earlier was targeted but doesn’t watch adult videos, so he knew it was a sextortion scam. Even so, he asked CBS2 to conceal his identity. “I’m just afraid that since I’m a whistleblower, brought it to the peoples’ attention, they’re gonna come and try to hack me,” the man said. MORE: Law Enforcement Warns Of “Spoofing” Phone Scam Still, he reported it to the FBI, which has seen an uptick in these kinds of scams, victimizing men, since the summer. He also told Bo Dietel, who runs a cyber security company where clients are constantly getting these emails. “They’re panicked…. Read More…

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