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C-Slide Plastic Webcam Cover

ColorsBlack, White, Silver
Size40mm long, 12.7mm wide, 2.5mm thick, 10mm borehole
Rating (1-5)2
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The C-Slide Plastic Webcam Cover works as designed and is effective but is not a practical solution for use on cell phones, tablets, or laptops. It would be better suited to larger fixed applications like webcams used with televisions or desktop computers.

cslide_laptop_closed cslide_laptop_open

The Good

The cover sticks to the surface with double-stick tape and the cover slides side to side to open and close, so there is only one moving part and no pieces to keep track of while in use.

The Bad

The cover is large at 40mm long, making it nearly impossible to use on a laptop without covering the indicator light, microphone, or ambient light sensor when in the open or closed position. It is also impractical to use on a cell phone because the cover sticks out to one side when open and the other side when closed, always leaving part of the cover protruding where it will easily snag.


The C-Slide Plastic Webcam Cover is a reasonable choice for larger fixed position cameras in meeting rooms or televisions but is not a practical choice for use with smartphones, tablets, or laptop computers.

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October 31, 2016

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