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Reusable NanoTech Sticker

Editor's Choice Best for Phone Back Camera

ManufacturerWebCam Cover
Size14mm long, 14mm wide, 0.5mm thick
Rating (1-5)4
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Editor’s Choice as Best Cover for Smartphone Back Cameras! The Reusable NanoTech Sticker is a fabric webcam cover made of an organic polymer which sticks to plastic, glass, and metal surfaces. It can be removed and reapplied thousands of time.

nano_phone_back_closed nano_phone_back_open

The Good

Fabric is soft and flexible, works on uneven surfaces like curved cell phone bodies and those with raised rear facing cameras.Can be removed and reapplied over and over and the sticky surface can be renewed by rinsing under water. Even though they do not market it as such, the front surface can also be used to polish the screen.

The Bad

The patch is square and too large to use on the front facing camera of a cell phone or on a laptop webcam. It can rub off when the phone is slipped into or out of a tight pocket. When it is removed, you need to stick it somewhere else so it is not misplaced.


The Reusable NanoTech Sticker from WebCam Cover is the only webcam cover we found that works on rear facing cell phone cameras. It is thin and discrete and doubles as a screen cleaner.

ManufacturerWebCam Cover
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October 31, 2016

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