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Steagle Laptop Webcam Cover

ColorsBlack, Silver, Pink, Gold
Size30mm long, 12.7mm wide, 2.5mm thick, 10mm borehole
Rating (1-5)3
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The Steagle Laptop Webcam Cover is a sleek aluminum webcam cover with large opening. The sliding cover design is larger than our top picks and not practical on smaller laptops.

steagle_laptop_closed steagle_laptop_open

The Good

Construction is high quality and sleek. The cover slides open and closed with ease. The opening is large so will accommodate higher end webcams that are too large for the smaller covers.

The Bad

When the unit is closed it is fairly compact but when opened it stretches to 30mm long, making it likely to cover the webcam indicator light, microphones, or ambient light sensors on many laptops. It is also comparatively thick and so would put pressure on the touchpad of smaller laptops when the screen is closed.


The Steagle Laptop Webcam Cover is a good choice for larger fixed position cameras in meeting rooms or televisions but it is not a practical choice for use with smartphones, tablets, or smaller laptop computers.

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October 31, 2016

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