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December 2, 2016

The right tools can protect you from being spied on through your cell phone

In our last few posts, we told you about low cost tools that anyone can use to spy on others through their cell phones. Now let’s talk about what you can do about it. In this article by Sophos, the internet security company talks about simple steps you can take and tools you can use to protect yourself.

Yes, smartphone cameras can be used to spy on you – if you’re not careful. A researcher claims to have written an Android app that takes photos and videos using a smartphone camera, even while the screen is turned off – a pretty handy tool for a spy or a creepy stalker. University student Szymon Sidor claimed in a blog post and a video that his Android app works by using a tiny preview screen – just 1 pixel x 1 pixel – to keep the camera running in the background. read more at


December 2, 2016 News

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